Epic Everest Trek ! – Mr Ian Garde, Australia

My son who currently lives in Kathmandu and his friends recommended Sonam from Bold Adventures to lead myself, him and his sister on our Everest Base Camp trek. Sonam proved to be a great choice and his patience in letting us go at our own pace, his local knowledge, great organisation and sense of humour made our trek a success with all of us making it to EBC. Could not ask for a better guide! - Mr Ian Garde, Australia

Clive Watt Groves, Bridport England

“Sonam was our head guide on our ‘Trek the Himalayas’ trek in the spring of 2012, when we were first introduced to him we were immediately aware of his very friendly and self confident attitude, this stayed throughout the whole trek, we were always met with a big smile whatever the situation, whatever the weather, come rain, hail, lightening or sunshine, always comforting when you are a long way from home in unfamiliar surroundings.
Sonam is a man of strong and good principals gaining a genuine respect from his guests (us) and from his staff and fellow guides, his competence appeared 100% his knowledge of the area was very good and he was met with a smile and a handshake through many of the villages we passed through. I have been trekking in many parts of the world, including Central America, Borneo, Cambodia, Jordan, Everest Base Camp and about to visit the Arctic Circle, so I feel qualified to recognise a man who is well organised and very well experienced as a guide and Sonam Singh Lama is a man I would not hesitate to recommend.” 

Will Messer, Brisbane Australia

“I was lucky enough to have Sonam Singh Lama as my guide when my partner and I did the Annapurna Circuit in January of 2012. Sonam was extremely welcoming to all in our trekking group and took great care of us each day, making sure we were all coping with the altitude. Unfortunately I badly dislocated my shoulder about halfway through the trek and couldn’t continue. Sonam was fantastic! He organised a helicopter evacuation so I could be airlifted out for treatment, and did an amazing job coordinating everything through my travel insurance company. My partner and I were able to meet back up with Sonam and our trekking group when they returned, and even after the trip had ended Sonam helped everyone organise further sightseeing around Kathmandu. Trekking with Sonam in this beautiful country was an amazing holiday, and his experience helped make an extremely difficult moment in our trip a lot less stressful!”

Janice and Anthony, Sydney Australia

“Sonam was our Guide to trekking Everest Base Camp in 2012; he is a very knowledgeable and experienced Trekking leader. Despite the high altitude and challenges we faced each day, his determination and attitude led us safely through the mountains. Sonam is a courageous, friendly and an expert Trekking guide; his thorough knowledge of the mountains, local people and unique landscape is exceptional. We highly recommend you going on a Trekking expedition with Sonam; you will be guaranteed an exciting safe adventure of your life – we would definitely go on another trek with Sonam!” 

Jenna, Australia

“I completed the Annapurna Circuit in January 2012. This Trek was life changing and the best challenge I have ever accomplished. Sonam was our guide/leader – he is Nepalese and has a great relationship with his porters and the local communities. Sonam made my trek so much more enjoyable; the stories, culture and history he shared along the way allowed us to appreciate Nepal and all it had to offer. Nepal will always hold a place in my heart, such a beautiful part of the world!

Andrew Pugh, UK

“If anyone is planning on trekking in Nepal, I would like to recommend Sonam Singh Lama and his new company BOLD Adventures. I trekked with Sonam a few years ago in Nepal, when he was working for The Adventure Company, and feel he is an excellent leader and tourism ambassador.” 

Jeigh Tu, Melbourne Australia

“I had my first hiking experience with Sonam in 2013, climbing from Lukla to Everest Base Camp. By day 2 of our 8 day ascent, I had already begun to feel fatigued and hope of reaching the destination rapidly diminished. However, Sonam reassured me of my fears and guided me with expertise. As a result I made it to Base Camp, sparked a growing passion for all forms of hiking and made a truly amazing friend. Thank you Sonam!” 

Lisa Wyss, Switzerland

“Sonam is a great guide and he really takes care about his guests. He knows so much about the country and you really see the way of living while you traveling with him trough Nepal. You shouldn’t miss trekking and rafting. It is a great way to explore the countryside. Bold Adventure takes care about the people and nature, while I was in Nepal Sonam brought old clothes from guests to village people who really need help. If you want you can also leave some clothes there and he brings it to the people. Very nice way of helping, you see that the company really cares about other people. Thank you Sonam for this great adventure!” 

Mark Kitchingman, New Zealand

“In 2011, I had the privilege of having Sonam as my trekking guide for the trek to Everest Base Camp. Without his expertise, patience, persistence and ‘never say never’ attitude it would have been extremely difficult for the entire team to have made it safely to Everest Base Camp and enjoy the experience of a lifetime among the holy Himalayan mountains of Nepal. The mountains shall bring peace and Sonam will make it possible to guide closer to that presence.” 

Julian Garbett, Wiltshire England

“I had the great pleasure of trekking to Everest Base camp via the high passed with Sonam as our groups’ leader in October in 2011. The trek organisation was if the highest standard with everyone achieving their goals thanks to a very dedicated leader who got us through the good and difficult days with his great skills and good sense of humour. Sonam even managed to get our group out of Lukla by helicopter when bad weather closed the airport to normal flights for a number if days. I would highly recommend Sonam for any trekking trip in the Himalayas and I will be trekking again with him.” 

Michael Peterson, Massachusetts USA

“At age 59 I had the pleasure of meeting Sonam, and, experiencing one of the greatest adventures of my life – Everest Base Camp. Through the luck of the draw Sonam was our guide on the mountain. His first challenge was not the mountain, but the multicultural and multi age/experience level of our group. He rose to the occasion, and made an impossible vacation reality for us all. His knowledge of the culture, the landscape, and the people made this event possible, and successful. Having traveled extensively throughout the world, I would recommend Sonam as a tour guide extraordinaire. In closing, Sonam’s abilities do not end with his knowledge of the mountain, but continue into the desire to give back to his people. When you travel with Sonam there are no lectures, but a genuine passing of culture so a traveler understands and appreciates the surroundings. Good Luck travelers, and I hope your adventure is as spectacular as mine.”

Ben Walker, London England

“There’s no doubt that Sonam is one of the most trustworthy, knowledgeable and caring leaders you can expect to travel with. Having taken on the challenge of Everest Base Camp in April 2013, I know I wouldn’t have been able to tackle such a feat without Sonam and his team. Without a shadow of a doubt, you can rest assured that BOLD Adventures will keep you safe and help to provide memories and experiences to last a lifetime.” 

Van and Lyn, Melbourne Australia

“Dear Sonam, thank you for our Bold Adventure with you. We had an adventure of a lifetime and very much enjoyed discovering your beautiful country with you and your team as our guides. The trip was well organised and made our experience very special.” 

Ori, Sasha and Aviv Gersten, Israel

“We would like to thank Sonam very much for making our honeymoon in the Sagarmatha (Everest) National Park an unforgettable experience! Sonam’s experience and knowledge helped us to concentrate on the exquisite beauty of the mountains instead of worrying about paperwork, lodging etc. We always knew that Sonam’s advice will fit us the best, and it always did. Thanks to his guidance we dream of visiting Nepal again with our kids when they grow up! Sonam is talented, extremely smart and a nice and giving person. Anyone would only benefit from his friendship and his guidance in trekking in Nepal with BOLD Adventures! We wish Sonam all the best luck! Namaste!”