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Are you Nepalese? Are you tourist? Are you an explorer? So, it’s a Yes, huh? Then have you ever been trekking through the trails of Lakes? NO? Oh, then you have got a nice place to go for trekking for your holiday. And, it’s Rara Lake Trek; Nepal’s largest Lake in area.  Trekking along the Rara Lake is one of the most fascinating and exhilarating treks in the Himalayan range lying in the northwest of the capital in the remote areas of Karnali. If you are up to wilderness and solitude travel, this trek is an ideal choice. Lying in Mugu; a mountainous district and in Rara National Park; a smallest park in Nepal has a largest Lakes of Nepal; Rara Lake. Rara Lake is about 10.8 square kilometers at the altitude of 2,990 meters. The clear high altitude of Rara Lake which mirrors the snow capped Himalayas is ringed with pine, spruce and juniper forest.


The Parks conserves numerous species of birds, insects and wild animals and trekkers can have glimpse of all these natural beauty closely. Have you ever imagined or ever had the feeling of being at the Largest Lake; you close your eyes and you feel the soft winds blowing through you; birds making sweet and soft sounds, you are tired after long hours of walk, you forget all your tiredness, sadness, your struggles and your everything and then when you open your eyes you see greenery everywhere, the tall mountains looking at you and smiling making you feel wanting to hug and you feeling like never leaving the place and the view. Just WOW!!! Isn’t it? Well, if you desire to have that feeling just fly to Jumla and the trek begins from there. It is a good destination point for trekking in the west and the trail are very much “off the beaten path” and affords glimpses of culture and scenery. At last, don’t forget your cam and your diary with you because you don’t want to miss any views/scenery and you don’t want to forget the times spent trekking here.

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