Mt Kailash and Guge Kingdom Tour – 23 Days

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The Mt Kailash Tour and Guge Kingdom trek is classified as a pilgrimage trek across Nepal and Tibet due to the tantric forces supposed to be inherent on the Mt. Kailash. This mountain is religiously symbolic to both Hindus and Buddhists. Hindus regard it to be the throne and residing place of the mighty Shiva while the Buddhists are interested in it due to the presence of a Mandala. This mountain is regarded to be the heart of the world and the centre of Asia. The major attraction of this trek is the Rakhshastal, the lake of Mansarovar, known as the Devil’s lake. The remains of the Guge Kindgom and the trade route of Purang for trade between Indian, Nepalese and Tibetan traders are other attractions. This trekking trial passes through the beautiful arid, dry landscapes of Tibet adorned with mystifying player flags and slate houses.


The trek starts from a flight from Kathmandu to Zhangmu followed by a drive to Tingri via the Lalung la Pass. From here, a trek is carried out to the Everest Base Camp and back. The trail then moves into the Lhatse county via the beautiful Gayest la Pass and then to Raga. Rag is home to natural hot water springs, the water from which can be used to ease away the aching muscles. From Raga, trekkers enter into Gegye via Gyerste. Gegye consist of the Lake Tarab-Tso which extends up to the Mt. Kailash. Mt. Kailsah (6714 m) can be seen from here. From Gegye, a drive is done to the Sin Khabap County, formerly known as Gar. Indus River and its tributaries flow from here.


Next in trail is the Guge Kindgom, now known as the Tsamda County formerly ruled by anti- Buddhist ruler Langdarma. Various archaeological delights dating back to 900 A.D can be visited here. From the ancient Guge Kindgom, the trail enters the pilgrimage site of Tirthapuri and then to Darchen. The trail then revolves around Kailash Kora. The Kailash Mountain cannot be climbed but can be trekked around along with a vist to the Mansoravar Lake. From here the trail moves into Paryand, Saga, Pekhu Tso, Zhangmu and back to Nepal.

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