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The expedition to climb the Kanchenjunga is a difficult trekking expedition requiring a well built proper physique and a previous experience of mounting a peak at least 4800m high. Third highest in terms of altitude and very high in terms of fatality, the Kanchenjunga consists of four main peaks, all over 8000 m high. The highest peak among the four stands at a height of 8586m. The Yalung Yang peak is considered to be a separate peak itself while the other three peaks namely the Main summit, Middle Summit and South Summit are considered to be a part of the massive Kanchenjunga. The first successful expedition to climb it was carried out on 1975.


The expedition commences from Bhadrapur followed by a drive to reach Kabeli Khola through Illam. The trail then passes through Kabeli khola to Sikaicha, Khesewa, Mamankhe, Yamphudin, Chittre, Torontan, Tseram, Ramze and finally to the Kanchenjanga Base Camp at a height of 4500 m. the trek to the Base Camp itself is very hard as compared to Everest itself. With rock fall and avalanche possibilities on all the summits, proper precautions are to be carried out to reach the summit. A climb to a higher altitude from the base camp is followed by a return to the base camp and a re-attempt to reach higher than before. The same process is repeated for making the body completely suited to the altitude and to acclimatize it. Camps 1, 2, 3 and 4 are situated at altitudes of 6050, 6800, 7300 and 7800 meters respectively.


Following the rules and regulations properly, after a tiring effort, Kanchenjanga can be finally mounted if weather allows it. The return trek traces the path through Ramje, Amije Khole, Yamphudin, Khewang, Panchami, Gophetar followed by a drive back to Bhadrapur. Roughly 45 days are enough to carry out this exemplary expedition. March to May and September to November are considered to be the best months for carrying out this endeavor due to the suitable weather conditions. Anyone who fulfills the aforementioned criterion are highly recommended to experience this adventurous and unforgettable expedition.

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