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With over 6000 plant species with 245 unique ones, 850 species of birds and 185 species of mammals, the beautiful country of Nepal is a haven for people with a flair for observing the jungles and the variety of flora and fauna. A country which thrives in tourism, Nepal is a hotspot for trekking locations as well as jungle safari locations, basically situated in the Terai Region, rich in alluvial soil and full of vegetation. With a total of 16 National Parks to choose from, Chitwan National Park Safari, Bardia National Park Safari, Koshi Tappu Wildlife Reserve Safari, Sukhlaphata Wildlife Safari are the main, popular jungle safari destinations visited by thousands every year. Intermingled with the warm hospitality of the Nepalese, Jungle Safari in Nepal is a must do for adventure and thrill seekers interested in eco diversity.

Jungle Safari’s in Nepal provide the opportunity to closely observe the wildlife protected by these national parks, with the company of an experienced guide. The rich alluvial soil and the humid climate of the southern belt of Nepal, namely the Terai, make it possible for a number of ecologically diverse flora and fauna to thrive in Nepal. Amidst the various protected species fall the rare mammals like the rhinoceros, spotted hog, Royal Bengal Tiger, reptiles like the crocodiles and the mighty gharials and beautiful birds like the Danphe and Peacock.

Chitwan National Park, which lies in Chitwan gives tourists a wonderful opportunity to ride on an elephant’s back and observe the thakali tradition and the elephant festival that occurs every year. Bardia National Park which lies in the western region of Nepal has the most varied flora and fauna to observe either on jeep or on an elephant’s back. Koshi Tappu Wildlife reserve is home to thousands of unique bird species waiting to be explored. Sukhlaphata Wildlife Safari is an equally rewarding safari that offers educational walks, bird watching, fishing and cultural treks as well.

Jungle Safari across various national parks of Nepal is recommended for the person with a keen interest on observing the geographical and ecological diversity of Nepal and an interest to embark on a truly adventurous endeavor.

Jungle Safari in Nepal

Bardia Jungle Safari:

Chitwan Jungle Safari

Koshi Tappu WildLife Safari

Dhorpatan Hunting Reserve

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