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Island Peak, a spectacular viewpoint situated in the Everest Region of Nepal, is also known as the Imja Tse by the Sherpas. It is given this specific name owing to its location in the Chhukhung Valley amidst glaciers surrounding it. Named in 1952 by Eric Shipton, the trail to the Island Peak follows the same route as that of the Everest Base Camp Trek and is a very challenging and extremely popular climbing destination in Nepal. With views of the pristine Mount Everest and many other peaks like the Lhotse, Nuptse among many others, climbing the Island Peak at a height of 6160m requires proper acclimatization and good health conditions.


Namche Bazaar marks the commencement of the trek which is followed by a trek to the village of Tengboche. After this point the trails to the Everest Base Camp and the Island Peak separate. Upon reaching Dingboche from Tengboche, trekkers then walk up to the beautiful glacier valley of Chhukhung. Lodging and camping conditions are well equipped in this region. The base camp of the Island Peak comes next, situated at a height of 5087 meters. This is known as the Perashya Gyab. High camp can be reached after a rocky and steep climb after which the summit of the Island Peak can be reached easily. Upon reaching the top, all trouble and pain will be worth the exquisite scenery of the mountain ranges of the Khumbu region.


Being a climb that involves altitudes over 6000 m, acclimatization is a must. Many unsuccessful attempts have been made to climb the peak because of the health hazards and harsh climb it possesses. Upon eliminating the possibility of altitude sickness, this Island Peak climbing expedition is a highly rewarding one and also gives an opportunity to mix up and observe the lifestyle of the ethnic populations of the Khumbu region. It is advised to carry out this wonderful trek during spring or autumn and reap its benefits.

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