Buddha was born and brought up in the country of Nepal where he left his marks on the pilgrim location of Lumbini. Nepal is a haven for Buddhists and other people alike with a need to carefully observe the Buddhist traditions, norms, practices and pilgrim locations strewn beautifully across the entire country. Syambunath, the sacred self originated Buddhist shrine, the world’s biggest stupa, the Boudahanath, Kapa, the Tibetan monastery, Lumbini, the birth place of Buddha, Tilaurakot, the archaeologically important Buddhist pilgrimage location etc are the major pilgrim destinations for observing Buddhism closely.

The Buddhist Pilgrimage tour starts from the capital of Nepal Kathmandu. The first and the second days can be devoted completely into sightseeing around Syambunath, Boudhanath and Kapan monasteries. Namo Buddha, the sacred peaceful monastery can be visited on the third day along with the visit to the Vihara Jana Bahal Mahabouddha, Hiranya Varna Mahavir, Rudra Varna Mahavir and many other stupas situated in the Patan City. The fourth day is used for a drive to Lumbini and the sightseeing around Lumbini can be done the next day. This birthplace of Buddha, where he spent his first 26 years, is full of archaeological remains of his kingdom. The Mayadevi temple, devoted to Buddha’s mother, the Ashoka Pillar with carvings indicating Buddha’s birth, the sacred bathing pool of Puskarni are all sights that take you back into the historic days following Buddha’s birth.

The sixth day can be devoted to visiting Tilaurakot and Gothihawa, meant to be the accurate birthplace of Buddha. These locations too are full of archaeological delights, stupas, gompas, monasteries and museums to explore Buddishm at its best. Upon flying back to Kathmandu, the Asura Cave and other small monasteries of the capital can be visited before heading back home.

The Buddhist Pilgrimage Tour has established itself among both Buddhist as well as non- Buddhisht visitors as being a spiritually enlightening tour with an insight to the life and living style of the great Buddha. This trek is highly recommended for everyone with a wish to observe the various stages of life the great, peace loving Buddha passed through.


Day 1:  Arrival in Kathmandu

Day 2:  Sightseeing in Kathmandu, Overnight at Dhulikhel

Day 3:  Sightseeing in Namo Buddha, Return to Kathmandu

Day 4:  Drive to Lumbini

Day 5:  Sightseeing around Lumbini

Day 6:  Sightseeing around Lumbini, Flight back to Kathmandu

Day 7:  Departure

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